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Hey Beaute! Do you need help keeping track of your long term commitments or staying on track when it comes to health and fitness?

Are you one that gets motivated by results? If so , then check out this super cute health and fitness journal. Forget about the "summer body" Beaute Nation we serve NOTHING less than BAWDY!


The Beaute, Brains & BAWDY journal is a great way to stay motivated, document your journey and hold yourself accountable.

It's a 6 month self dated (so start when you're ready) journal that has what you need in order to stay focused and see your progress in health and in fitness.


The journal includes:

- 6 month self dated calendar

- A self-care checklist (highly important)

- Water trackers

- Fitness planner sheets

- Weekly menu sheets ( for meal planning and grocery shopping lists)

and much more!


Girrrl!! Join the Beauties on this jouney and grab your journal TODAY. It's time we show off these curvy BAWDIES. YASSSS!

Beaute Brains & BAWDY fitness journal

  • All Journal Sales Are Final.

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