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About Us

Taj Beauty Emporium is an online store that caters to a Beaute-ful Journaling Community with an emphasis on budgeting. Trust that these are not your ordinary journals. We are bringing a little jazziness to your journal collection. 

There's also a place to shop for women with a curvy physique. Our current inventory offers sizes S-M-L and plus sizes ranging from 1XL (14) to 3XL (20).  The goal is to eliminate the frustrations of finding fashionable pieces for today’s curvy women, rather a slim & curvy Beaute or plus size curvy Beaute.

The focus has always been to provide a collection of clothing that is sexy, and elegant while maintaining it's integrity of a classy look.


It is Taj's prayer that you have a Beaute-ful Experience when shopping the Beaute Room.

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