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Add a little flavor to your cash wallet. You know how we do in The Beaute Room. Forever jazzy! Super cute envelopes that fits perfectly in your A7 binder.


Orders are not exactly the same. Meaning the Beaute on each envelope will not be the same for every order. That's the Beaute.

Each set consist of 6 envelopes.

WHEN PLACING YOUR ORDER PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR 6 CATEGORIES IN THE COMMENT SECTION OF THE ORDER or ON THE CHECKOUT PAGE. You may also include 1-2 background colors of your choice. If no color is included the color shown will be used. Holes will be punched unless specified otherwise.


PLEASE CHOOSE “CASH ENVELOPES” FOR SHIPPING AT CHECKOUT. (Shipping difference will not be refunded)

A7 Cash Envelopes

  • All cash envelope sales are FINAL.

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