It all starts with an idea and then becomes a plan.... It could be the start of something profitable.


That's why the "Boss Beaute" Journal is the perfect notebook for you.  It's designed to help you plan out and document your entrepreneurial journey. From figuring out your purpose and what you have to offer to identifying your targeted audience. 

It makes you dig deep to answer the ultimate question and that is, "What sets you apart?"


65 pages cover to cover Boss Beaute Journals (8.5 x 11) includes:

-Business Brainstorm worksheet

-Business overview worksheet

-Business banking information log

-Business account trackers

-Business income trackers

-Supplier contact log

-Password tracker

-Marketing plan worksheet

-Goals yrly and mthly worksheets 

-12 month calendar with month end review

-New product planners

-Shipping tracker

-Boss Notes sheets

-Social media planner

-Posting schedules

-Online statistics sheet

-IG profile planner

-Hashtag tracker sheet

-Follower tracker

-30 days of posts guide/ planning sheet

-Post Brainstorming worksheets

-Social media weekly planner sheets

-Color line paper for additional notes and journaling

Boss Beaute Journal


Plus Size 

Description        Size                Bust                     Waist


1X                    14-16             41.5''-43.5''           33.5''-36''

2X                    16-18             44.5''-48''              36.5''-39''

3X                    18-22             48.5''-51''              40.5''-44''